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Students: Where do surcharges go ?

By Jelanie Rose T. Elvinia

WE NEED TRANSPARENCY. We need to know where our money goes. What are you going to do with the students’ money paid for the surcharges? Valid ba ang kapadulngan sa fees?” a student asks the Silliman University administration.
Darell Bryan Rosales, a junior AB Speech and Theater student has been charged with an amount of P600 for the month of August. He said that it is okay for him to be charged with penalty as being set in the contract as long as the reason is valid.
“We’ll be taking it (surcharges) as income for the university,” Carol Bartolata, Silliman University treasurer said. She said that these will be used to fund the operations of the university.
“It is justifiable in a way that it serves as a deterrent (to parents in paying the tuition). We weigh it up. On one hand it’s not too big an amount that it would be burdensome to the side on the parents, but on the other hand it should be high enough that would serve adequately as a deterrent,” she added.
Bartolata said that the purpose of the new payment system is to do away with permits. She said that without permits, the students don’t have to worry anymore and can focus more on their studies.
Meanwhile a freshman student  assistant, Rhea Jane Chavez taking BSED English, said that the penalties are just too big. “It is so oppressive to the students especially to the student assistants. They should have considered our parents who work hard just to find money for payment. Mubayad raman pod unta mi,” she said.
Another sophomore student assistant taking BBA Management shares the same sentiment with Chavez. “Imbis naningkamot og pangita’g
inog bayad, naningkamot og trabaho aron mi makabayad sa tuition, chargean na nuan mi’g dako,” Marceliza Villareal said.
Villareal said that if possible, the old system of payment will be used again because the current one is more hassle and more expensive due to the charges. But Bartolata said that for the meantime they cannot change the system for they still have to look further if it’s working effectively.
Bartolata said that students are requested to approach the head of students’ accounts officer at the Business and Finance building in case they have concerns or problems regarding their accounts.


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