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Online enrollment to be launched next school year `14-15

 By Jelanie Rose T. Elvinia

FOR A QUICKER, more convenient and more efficient process of enrollment, the silliman University administration will be launching an online enrollment system starting next school year. To make the system better, Office of Information and Publications Director Mark Raygan Garcia said that they are exploring everal options to make payments less hassle, and one is by having the “integrated system” which has been in discussion for the last two years. The integrated system is a method of enrollment which will be done entirely online. It means that starting next school year students can: access all the information they need for enrollment, choose their course, submit file requirements, pay down payment (paying through partner
banks of the university or through credit card), see their proposed subjects (to be guided by an adviser) and get notified admission from the university.

It’s very important because everybody is now going online. It also allows us to help the parents and the university save cost: mailing cost and transportation cost of the children and the parents. And also it’s efficient because it cuts short the
time and the period given they need to wait for notifications to complete the enrollment process,” Garcia said.
Upon hearing about it, Charlemagne Balasa, a sophomore student of the College of Mass Communication expressed gratitude and relief. He was grateful that by next school year the university will be having the system. He said that aside from not spending extra money for fare and falling in long lines anymore, the set  won’t get to experience the old way of enrollment.

That’d be really helpful for us students who are far from Dumaguete. Also the system is yet to be tested so it’d also be a major setback if things would go wrong.
But hopefully they (administration) can assure that the system would work smoothly,” Balasa said.
One of the developments that the university made for the opening of this school year was the new payment process. Fees are being scheduled accordingly depending on the payment date (schedule A, B and C) chosen by parents or
guardians, under a contract they sign during enrollment. This process aims to help students proceed with their academic work and activities with minimum disruptions to settle their accounts and even fall in line to get their exam permits, as cited in
the undertaking.


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