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SUSG Environment Committee organizes DRRM workshop

“SOMETHING IS ALREADY going on. When are we going to prepare?” Engr. Jose Chu, City Disaster Risk Reduction Management Office (CDRRMO) Head challenged the youth in a seminar-workshop last Aug. 6 at the American Studies Resource Center.

This Disaster Risk Reduction Management (DRRM) seminar-workshop was organized by the Silliman University Student Government (SUSG) Environment Committee in collaboration with the CDRRMO for the disaster preparedness week.

According to Fearn Ann Acibo, co-chairperson of the SUSG Environment Committee, the seminar-workshop was supposed to be conducted last July but was cancelled due to several changes.

Eighty percent of the CDRRMO’s programs are based on Information Education Campaign which aims to teach people how to respond in times of disasters. However, according to Chu, even with the intensive campaign people have always been passive when it comes to disasters.

Chu mentioned “herd mentality” as one of the human failures in need to be eradicated.

 “We fail to see the danger because we are afraid to stand and soar; we don’t want to be different,” he said. “When will we learn? Learn and prepare when there is no emergency. Don’t be afraid to be different; don’t be afraid to speak out.”

In his lecture Chu tackled various topics such as preparation before, during, and after a disaster, hazards and risks, contingency plans and critical needs that have been addressed for the city’s isaster preparedness program and emergency response protocol.

Nikko Calledo, former chairperson of the SUSG Environment Committee, also lectured in the seminar-workshop.

Calledo talked about him being a SEAtizen (steward of our seas) with the aim to inspire the participants to lead and do the same.

 “We are never too young to lead, never too small to make a difference, and never too small to change the world,” Calledo said.

Calledo also urged everyone to support their campaign against the use of plastic drinking straws, the advocacy of Straw Wars Philippines. It was attended by SU Senior High School and Foundation University students, as well as members of SU Muslim Students Association and SUSG Environment Committee.


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