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Misunderstanding caused financial statement removal, says SG COA head


By Ray Chen S. Bahinting                            


‘MISUNDERSTANDING’  IS THE reason the financial statement for the first semester was removed online and on bulletin boards around the campus, according to Silliman University Student Government (SUSG) Committee on Audit Head Jahdielle Keemmah Kitane.

On the second week of January 2016, the SUSG Finance Committee posted the financial statement for the first semester of the school year 2015-2016.

However, it was immediately taken down a day after it was posted.

According to Kitane, she “did not expect” the financial statement to be posted because she had not signed or audited the financial statement from Joyce Pino, chair of the SUSG Finance Committee.

“When [Joyce Pino] came back with the financial statement, I thought she would let me sign all the financial statements that she lost, so ako rang gi-sign and I trusted in her endorsement ba nga this is what you lost and [I] just have to resign [sic] it,” Kitane said.

Kitane added that Pino was “in a hurry”. Kitane said that she thought that the paper she was signing was for the lost financial statement.

“It was really a miscommunication between us because I did not know what she wanted from me and she did not know what I wanted from her,” Kitane said.

On the other hand, Pino admitted that there was also a miscommunication between her and Kitane.

Pino said that together with the affidavit of loss for the lost receipts of the Php 58,000, she submitted the financial statement for the first semester to Kitane.

However, Pino said: “When Keemmah asked me to remove the financial statement, she told me that she has not audited everything [in the financial statement]. She told me nga she thought kuno nga kato rang liquidation nga akong nawala ang pa-signan.”

Moreover, Kitane admitted her mistake and apologized for what happened.

“As an audit chair, I should have read it, not signed it lang jud, because that is part of my responsibility…I’m not an accounting student, so I also admit my limitations and look for ways nga maka-strengthen ko in that weakness,” Kitane said.

Meanwhile, Kitane said that she has not approved the financial statement to be posted again until Pino “settles everything.”

Kitane also said that as of Feb. 3, she is letting Pino finish the liquidation of the presidential and vice-presidential discretionary fund.~



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