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“Has the SUSG this year catered to the students’ opinions and concerns? Why or why not?”

“Lately, I haven’t felt a change in any system. Most of the time, it feels like the system hasn’t done anything. Yet we students are ignorant of what’s around, we haven’t experienced any changes or any new happenings. I say that the SUSG this year has to make a stand to make a difference.”

Kent Aldrich R. Kho, Bachelor of Science in Information Technology I
“The SUSG really showed how a responsible student government should be. They created programs/ activities that centered and gave solutions to the majority of the students’ campus concerns. They also showed accountability and transparency how the budgets are efficiently allocated.”

Marceliano E. Dequit, III, Bachelor of Science in Accountancy II


“First and foremost, it is not a matter of assessment regarding the quality of service that the SUSG gives but rather a question of empathy among the students since the majority does not directly address their concerns to the SG aside from the occasional Facebook ranting or whining with their friends. Secondly, SG had exerted effort in reaching the communication gap between them and us through their Facebook pages for transparency and contact numbers to reach out but it isn’t enough since some people would prefer confrontations but couldn’t show themselves in the office out of intimidation and stubborn laziness.”

Royanni Miel M. Hontucan, Bachelor of Mass Communication IV


Next Issue’s Question:

“Is it too late to launch a judiciary branch when it is almost the end of the current SUSG administration’s term?”


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