Tuesday, July 23, 2024

The Right Person for the Job

Column Name: The Astromech

Columnist: Jayson D. Semetara

It’s that time of the year: billboards are going up, rallies are gathering the masses, and parties are forming to divide the issues. Yes, it is voting season. Politicians talk about fixing the country and luring civilians to vote for them, so they can get the job done. Touchy subjects such as same sex marriage, capital punishment, and even faster internet are being promised by these said candidates to make the country better.

Voting season is also happening here on campus. Students from the various colleges are prepping to run for office to get a spot in our student government, so they can sit in that cozy office in Oriental Hall. But what are they running for really? Why do they want to hold a position for our government? Who really benefits? Looking back at previous administrations, it seems that most of the candidates say they only held these positions so that they have something to note down in their yearbooks and resumes. Sure there were parties, raves and popular guests coming during Hibalag, but what about other issues that needed to be fixed? Such as the issues with organizations on campus being forced to go to events or not be able to register for classes unless they pay for fines? How about having to force out events from orgs or cleaning issues that are happening across campus? Will our elected candidates take care of these issues in the near future?

I recall this year during the USPEAK lectures that a survey about what to do with organizations across campus was taken and passed around during the lectures. When I turned my survey in at the end of the lecture, the person taking care of it didn’t know what to do with it, and just tossed it aside, as if my opinions didn’t matter, and I do know that they were part of the Student Government. Do these elected officials actually care about the student’s opinions and concerns? Or are they there for another notch of recognition under their photo in the yearbook? What really happened to that survey? No news came out about it.

I also recall another incident where an officer scheduled a meeting then couldn’t make it. Yes we are all students, but holding a position of authority and taking care of those needs are part of the job and responsibility. If you can’t even handle that, then do not bother running and let those who can handle the problems and situations run for these positions. Far too many people drop or disappear mid-way through their term as well. Stop forcing yourself for that notch recognition. Let those who can handle and help do the job.

For the voters, know who will really get the job done. Don’t just rally for friends to win so that you can also join in that comfy room at OH and  do nothing. In fact, when you just vote for benefits, that’s a form of corruption so let’s not practice that. Vote for the most qualified to hold these positions and are able to get the job done quickly. Vote for someone who will be the voice for the voiceless. Make sure that they are the right person for the job.~




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