Monday, July 15, 2024

It’s Not The End

By: Rhobie Ruaya
Column Name: The good listener



Sometimes we wish we could turn back time to take back the last point that could have been ours instead of theirs. Sometimes we wish we could relive those moments and correct all our mistakes then bring home the trophy.

But it is done. The long days of training and practices are over. Now all we have are the bruises in both hands and legs, the sun-kissed skin, over-worked minds, or the sprained ankles as reminders that we gave our best to all the games we played.

But is that all that we have gained all throughout the Intramural Games? Does winning or losing the game really matter?

I’m not new to playing sports and joining competitions. It is true that winning the game can give you a feeling of satisfaction and pleasure. But what happens when you don’t win? You get sad. However, the grief will only be temporary.

Why temporary? Because you only lost a medal but not everything. You lost the points but not the experience.

Little did you know that even before the games started, you have already won and if you know why then you are already a champion.

Friends come and go, but you have to admit that having teammates you could treat as family can be a reason to forget the defeat. What is a team if they are not there to watch each other’s back, right? Although I’m used to being a lone player, I have to say that having a team in whatever sport is simply what gives you that greatest prize of all: friendship and teamwork.

The medals and prizes may grow old and fade, but there is nothing to be sad about. After all, we learn a lot from the games we played. Two of them are discipline and respect; one can’t simply go without the other. Respect yourself as a player, your opponent, and teammates. Discipline yourself to be hard-working when you most need it, especially on the court where your teammates are counting on you as you count on them.

I’m sure we’ve heard it so many times but “win or lose, what’s important is how you played the game.” Never let the “attitude” get you in the game, remember that all you have to do is do your best and forget everything else. Forget the crowd if it distracts you, forget the pressure.

Play the game well with clean hands and that’s how everyone will see you as their MVP. Win or lose, you have your team, you have the lessons with you, then it’s not the end yet.






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