Monday, July 15, 2024

KABSI prepares for fourth sequel

CAMPAIGNING FOR A “smoke-free Dumaguete” is taken to a whole new level as KABSI 4, a comedy show, will be staged at Luce Auditorium on Feb 9.

“KABSI”, which originally meant “Kababayang Sillimanian”, is now offcially “Kabarkadang Sillimanian”.

“We changed the name because we want it to be more relatable particularly to the Sillimanians,” said Arsenio D. Bulfa Jr., chair of KABSI 4.

The pre-production offcially started last November and the entire cast is composed of Sillimanians.

“What makes the show unique is that there is no script, meaning, everything is spontaneous and based only on a pre-determined storyline,” Bulfa added.

KABSI was launched in the year 2011. Their previous themes include values on friendship, poverty and teenage issues.


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