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Campus marks 120 years of dormlife

By Joriz Palermo and Nathaniel Carampatana | December 5, 2023

Silliman University (SU) Dormitories marked 120 years of “unity and growth” last Nov. 27 at the SU Amphitheater.

Organized by the SU Student Government (SUSG) Dorm Life Committee, the event highlighted the “rich history of the dormitories since their establishment in 1903.”

Titled “The Dorm Day: We Are Stronger Together, A Legacy of 120 Years,” the celebration brought together past and present dormers, emphasizing pride and camaraderie. 

SUSG Dorm Life Chairperson Mary Elaiza Arabia said the dormitories fostered academic growth and a sense of belonging. 

She also said that the event showcased the dormitory’s 120-year commitment to providing a home away from home, emphasizing “unity, inclusivity, and diversity while continuing the pledge that ‘we are stronger together.’” 

Creating a sense of home away from home

Arabia reflected on her experience as a newcomer, highlighting the challenges she faced during the transition from COVID-19 and being far from home. 

She emphasized how existing dormers helped her, saying, “They were able to give us a sense of comfort. That is why we were able to cope with everything.”

SU Dormitories also implemented a support system with “big sisters,” the existing dormers, assigning simple tasks like cleaning and floor swiping to newcomers, creating a home-like environment. 

Arabia also said that a regular devotion session at the dormitories enabled them to participate in Bible study, share experiences, and build bonds. 

She added that the dorm has “circles” or “bubbles” in each room, fostering connections and allowing dormers to share parts of their lives. 

Welcoming newcomers 

Aside from Dorm Day, SU Dormitories welcomed newcomers through an open house event to introduce them to dorm life. 

“During that day, we provide insights into how dormitory life works. We also post rules and details about what activities they’ll be involved in on our Facebook page,” Arabia said. 

SU dormitories maintain commitment to excellence 

When asked how they would maintain the the dormitories’ excellence, Arabia said, “I only hope the bond will be stronger from dormitories and that it will stay the same for future years.” 

She hoped for continuous improvement, conflict-free, and smooth collaboration between the committee and student housing to uphold this year’s tagline, “We are stronger together.” (with reports from Keisha Ocsio and Ace Pascual)

Editor’s note: This post is part of the Weekly Sillimanian and the College of Mass Communication collaboration. Students taking COM 33 – News Editing and Production under Asst. Prof. Irma Pal temporarily take over the operations for a week or one issue as their final requirement. 


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