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EnviroComm resumes Resikad, highlights new guidelines

By Genno Gabriel Rabaya | November 16, 2023

After months of hiatus, the Silliman University Student Government (SUSG) Environment Committee (EnviroComm) relaunched the Resikad program with changes in bike maintenance and rentals starting Nov. 6. 

Starting out as “Project Sikad” in 2011, the first iteration of the program was discontinued due to poor maintenance. It was then re-launched in 2015 and officially renamed “Resikad” in 2019.

Resikad is a bike rental service that is part of EnviroCom’s advocacy for its “eco-friendly initiative” and sustainable transportation.

According to EnviroComm Co-Chairperson Sabrina Ysabelle Ledesma, previous Resikad implementations faced problems with bike maintenance.

“By the end of the first semester, a lot of the bikes were not returned, tampered with, and some were even altered so that it would look different, and all of them were scattered around campus,” she said.

On dealing with these problems, Resikad Co-Head Athena Marie Visitacion said that their team will focus on maintaining the condition of the bikes and imposing stricter guidelines for renting.

“Before the relaunch, or during Hibalag, we had them [the bikes] sent to a bike shop to have them repaired,” she said.

Ledesma also said the process ensured that the bikes were properly returned and maintained through better systems. 

With over ten available bikes, people may rent for seven days for ₱250 and use it within and outside the campus. 

Renters are advised to message the Resikad Facebook page and meet with a Resikad administrator for guidelines. The bikes must then be “returned strictly” in the presence of an administrator.

For any “mistreatment” with the bikes or delays in returning them, fines will be implemented. 

Proceeds of Resikad will go to the bike maintenance, EnviroCom, and the working team.


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