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BioSoc holds first science talk, raises medical funds

By Jan Andrei Y. Elizalde | November 16, 2023

Through its first-ever science talk, the Silliman University (SU) Biology Society (BioSoc) held a fundraiser on Nov. 8. at the SU Science Complex. 

Dubbed “Why Do Dogs Behave?”, the talk focused on understanding a dog’s language and behavior as discussed by Crystal Wakeman, Animal World Rescue (AWR) Co-Founder. 

BioSoc President Marie Cris Parao said their department organized the event after observing human behaviors such as exploiting dogs and underestimating similar animals.

“For us humans, we always think that we are the highest level of the animal phyla,” she said. 

Through this discourse, Parao said that they aim to “teach the community to hold the same level of respect to dogs.”

As the event speaker, Wakeman discussed the behavior traits and modifications in the lives of dogs and their human counterparts. 

“A dog’s physical trait can interfere and cause difficulties with an owner’s approach to disciplining it, such as my experience with my first and very powerful rottweiler,” she said. 

According to Wakeman, developing a relationship with a dog is “a journey about self-discovery.”

“I really learned how to walk with confidence and learn not to be a slouch when I move. Because how you hold your body is how you feel, and how you feel is how you act,” she added. 

Wakeman also emphasized how humans should align with dogs’ physical, social, and emotional needs.

Simultaneously, the talk served as a medical fundraiser for Wakeman’s 15-year-old daughter who was diagnosed with a chromosomal condition called Turner syndrome, which “requires [30] weeks worth of medication.” 

“Being a single mom of three [while studying], I [can] not afford to continue or keep up [with her condition],” Wakeman said. Wakeman raised a total amount of ₱1,000 after the event. She also started a GoFundMe page for the same cause last Oct. 8 with $320 (₱17,955) out of $7,100 (₱398,381) raised as of writing.


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