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SHS building lacks permit, delays F2F classes

By Rainne Nocete | September 5, 2023

Face-to-face (F2F)  classes were delayed for the Silliman University (SU) Senior High School (SHS) due to the ongoing processing of the occupancy permit, according to a Facebook post by SU on Sep. 1.   

Without the permit issued by the City Engineer’s Office, the building cannot be used, according to Jane Belarmino, vice president for development, enterprise, and external affairs.

“The building is basically complete, with some touch-ups,” Belarmino said when asked about the construction status.

SHS Principal Kemmons also said that “it is illegal” and “not safe” to use a building in the Philippines without an occupancy permit.

“For now, no timeline given but [from what] I understand, only the safety permit prevents us from using the building,” Kilat said. “I guess the contractor contributed also to this delay.”

However, Kilat confirmed that once the occupancy permit is secured, F2F classes for SHS are “good to go.”

On recalling last school year’s system for SHS, Kilat said, “Yes, we explore[d] that, but college rooms are not enough this year.”

Learning mode for SHS

SHS announced that “going full online class is the best solution to the present situation” in a mass email last Aug. 31.

However, many students approached the SHS student council and expressed “frustration, disappointment, and shock,” according to SHS Governor Seve Tuale.

“Sadly, direct and effective solutions to this problem are not within the reach of the Student Council, and we are left with limited options for what we can do as student leaders,” he said.

He added that most SHS students lived outside of Dumaguete City and the announcement “greatly inconvenienced” them, considering they already moved into the city and paid rent.

On Sep.1, SHS announced via the official Silliman University Facebook page that online classes will be conducted from Sep. 4 to 8 and a blended modality will follow on Sep. 11.


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