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Roundnet joins SU Intrams roster

by Shay Du | April 18, 2023

For the first time, the Silliman University (SU) Intramurals included a two-day roundnet tournament held at the Ravello Field on March 30-31.

Led by organizer Mevizon Dizon, he along with SU’s Athletics Department and the Negros Oriental Roundnet Association (NORA) worked together to bring roundnet, commonly known as spikeball, to the SU Intramurals.

Athletic Director Dionesio Piñero said the move to include the sport came after he observed Sillimanians playing roundnet around the city and the SU campus.

“This is the best avenue for them to showcase their skills in [roundnet],” he added.

Meanwhile, NORA President Marc Tubio, whose organization also officiated the tournament for the SU Intramurals, said he was glad SU was the “first school [to] accept the sport” in the city.

Senior High School (SHS) emerged as the tournament’s champion for the men’s category, while the Institute of Rehabilitative Sciences (IRS) clinched the women’s crown.

On the continuation of roundnet and the addition of any other sports events in succeeding intramurals, Piñero said “budgetary constraints” still need to be considered.

“Some new events [may be] involved for the next year, but for now let us settle first for [the addition of roundnet],” Piñero added.

Roundnet is a two-versus-two net sport played with a ball and a small trampoline-like net. 

The sport became commonly known as “spikeball” because of an equipment brand of the same name.


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