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UCLEM ends with call for youth empowerment

by Shay Du | April 17, 2023

Chair of the United Church of Christ in the Philippines’ (UCCP) Negros District Conference (NDC) urged the youth to have “strength” in a time when “sin [makes people] miserable” during the University Christian Life Emphasis Month (UCLEM) for this semester.

Glynda Descuatan, also a retired media practitioner, gave the sermon for the event’s culmination.

Her message, titled “Strong in the Midst of a Storm,” emphasized the duty of the youth to “take an active part in the great campaign” against different “storms.”

She said these storms could come through personal and social problems, such as disaster, persecution, or corruption.

To face these storms, she said that the youth must use the kind of strength that comes from a combination of actual power and an awareness of it.

She added that the youth need to use this strength to stand firm in their beliefs at a time when the lines between right and wrong are blurred. 

Silliman University Student Government (SUSG) President John Christian Entrata made a similar call for students to “be strong” in the face of worries.

He said that the EDSA People Power Revolution, which was commemorated a day before the UCLEM culmination, should remind students that “it is high time that we Sillimanians stand for the truth and keep holding the line.”

Descuatan and Entrata delivered their messages at the SUSG and All Organization Culmination Service that was held at the SU Church on Feb. 26.

This semester’s UCLEM celebration was focused on the theme “Be STRONG: Stand for Truth in Reverence, Obey and Nurture our Faith in God.”

Worship services and Galilean fellowships were also held during the said celebration, which started on Feb. 5.


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