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Library relocation curbs Galilean Fellowship

by Paul Ray G. Donaire | April 16, 2023

The second semester’s Galilean Fellowship plans were affected by the relocation of the Silliman University library to the university gym, according to Paean Taripe, head organizer of the University Christian Life Emphasis Month (UCLEM).

UCLEM was supposed to be held in Ravello Physical Education Field near the university gym so that the latter could be used in case of a downpour, Taripe said.  

Instead, he said that they gave colleges the freedom to choose their venue to ensure the “home vibes” of the fellowship. 

“[Last Feb. 21], [the] College of Education had it [at the] Silliman Hall grounds [because the place gives the vibe],” he added.

With the theme: “Be Strong: Stand for Truth, in Reverence Obey and Cultivate your Faith in God,” the fellowship aimed to equip Sillimanians to be stronger once leaving the institution and be ready for real-world experience.


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