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VSC welcomes this year’s finalists, 8 out of 10 from SUPASA

by Stefan R. Saldon | February 24, 2023

Silliman University (SU) held this year’s Valentines Songwriting Competition (VSC) with eight out of ten of its grand finalists from SU Producing and Songwriting Artists (SUPASA) last Feb. 14.

The said competition which was held face-to-face after two years online had a total of 32 submitted entries.

Jeyah Mae Culanag, SUPASA founder and president, said that the SUPASA members’ participation would help boost SUPASA as a growing organization in the university.

SUPASA member, Gabrielle Moreno was awarded Best Interpreter with the song “Mangga,” and Natalyaa Songcall was awarded Best Arranger for “Moonlit Dew,” which was composed and interpreted by Culanag.  

The other SUPASA members that made it as finalists include Khrystall Jaimie Jordan, Jether Irv Malunda, Jezreel Enriquez, Raya Nicole Reyes, Charles Clement Bardoquillo, and Azaleah Louise Alabarado.

Previous awards during the online set-up such as Best Song, Best Music Video, and Popular Choice were removed from the competition.

VSC 2023 announced Julia Faith Joaquin as its grand champion with her song called “Pangandoy,” which talks about unreciprocated love.

Joaquin said that the song talks about her personal experience but is also open for interpretation by the listeners. 

Hershey Alvero Permano, VSC chairperson said to “watch out” for songs from this year and the previous years’ finalists to be uploaded on Spotify. 

The event was held at Claire Isabel McGill Luce Auditorium.


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