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Sillimanians urged by UN negotiators to combat climate change

by Nathaniel E. Carampatana | November 28, 2022

United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change Conference of Parties (UNFCCC COP) negotiators urged Sillimanians to aid in combating climate change during the Silliman University Student Government (SUSG) Environmental Committee’s second Climate Talks on Nov. 5. 

Marinel Ubaldo, climate activist and COP25 negotiator, emphasized that students joining events and conferences that address climate change can be the foundation to help the planet deal with its environmental problems. 

“Not everyone has the privilege and time to join and train in these events. Take advantage of it and use what you have learned to help our country and our planet,” she said.

Ubalde also instructed Sillimanians to make leaders accountable for their promises to improve the environment’s condition and continue fighting for a safer future.

Moreover, Atty. Josine Alexandra Gamboa, former deputy chief of the Legal Services Division of the Climate Change Commission of the Philippines, gave practical ways for Sillimanians to help deal with climate change using their academic products.

“Use your thesis as an opportunity to propose methods to the government on how to deal with climate change,” she said.

Gamboa recommended picking a topic that could help the environment and presenting that to the government.

As of writing, Marinel Ubaldo is attending COP27 in Sharm el-Sheikh, Egypt, where they will discuss and negotiate on topics such as Loss and Damage, the Glasgow Pact, Implementation of the Paris Rulebook, and Just Transition.

The Conference of Parties (COP) is an annual conference where world leaders discuss and negotiate programs and initiatives to combat climate change.

COP27 will end on Nov.18.


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