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Sillimanian advocate to represent PH in international pageant

by Allianah Junnice F. Bolotaulo | November 1, 2022

Advocate Joshua Duran from the Silliman University College of Arts and Sciences is set to represent and compete as Mister Philippines in the third edition of Mister Glam International this November.

The pageant promotes eco-tourism and diversity, taking part in many environmental causes such as Earth Day and Save the Sierra Madre Day. 

Duran said that he feels strongly about the pageant’s objectives and aims to apply them to his own community. When asked about his plans for the environment if he were to bring home the crown, he shared that he would start by addressing the trash segregation problem in his hometown, Dumaguete City. 

“One of my new advocacies is to segregate unwanted trash and to make sure that it is utilized well, not only kept in barangay halls and plastic centers where they’ll serve no purpose,” he said. 

Duran was crowned Datu Makatao 2021 in the Hari ng Pilipinas National pageant where he joined as Mister Dumaguete. This victory made him the country’s representative for the international stage. 

“My advocacy in Hari ng Pilipinas was spreading love and joy to the homeless people of Dumaguete City which was to be a part of something greater and making my voice heard,” he said

He added, “I want to be remembered as the person who sticks to his advocacy by slowly giving back to the community.”

Prior to leaving for the national pageant last year, Duran conducted a feeding program around the city as a way of applying his advocacy. He shared that even before he became a pageant king, he has always been really genuine about his advocacy. 

For the aspiring young men who want to join pageants, he advises, “Raise your voice and be part of the advocacy you stand for.”

The Mister Glam International 2022 pageant will be on Nov. 21-27 at Manila. He will be up against models, influencers, actors, and talents representing their own countries.

In his call for support, Duran said, “I’ll be representing our country for pride, it’s not just for me, but it’s for all of us here, so hopefully you will support me during my journey and cheer for me as it would give me more confidence knowing that you guys are there.”


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