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SUSG introduces first ‘Freshie Walk’

by Reyshel Repe | October 17, 2022

Almost a thousand Sillimanian freshmen gather with their flashlights to form the letters, ‘SU,’ after participating in the first ever ‘Freshie Walk,’ a new tradition introduced by the Silliman University Student Government (SUSG) during the University-Wide Student Orientation, dubbed Set Sail 2022, held last Oct. 12.

Set Sail 2022, was intended to give freshmen students a glimpse into their Silliman journey. The SUSG took the freshie walk as the best way to kickoff said journey and that the tradition symbolized the start of their new university life.

John Christian Entrata, SUSG president, said that the freshie walk might continue to become a tradition in the future years and that “it will still depend on the future administrations if they will continue this tradition.”

He said that he hopes that the tradition would be sustained and improved by future SUSG administrations. 

“I also hope that freshies, at the end of their college journey, will look back to their freshie walk as a core memory,” he added.

Although the event managed to gather positive feedback from Sillimanian freshmen, Entrata said that the freshie walk still needed improvements, “considering that it’s the first of its kind.”

“Considering how hectic college life will be, freshmen students deserve to have a fun and exciting start to this,” he added.

The freshie walk is the last activity to be done in the Set Sail 2022 event, following the actual student orientation, introduction to organizations and pertinent offices in the Student Services.


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