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SU strengthens its stand to pursue truth, and encourages all to combat widespread false information

by Nathaniel E. Carampatana | October 13, 2022

President Dr. Betty Cernol McCann told Sillimanians to use their expertise to promote truth, human rights, and democracy in line with Silliman University’s values during the return of the face-to-face All-University Academic Convocation.

The university reaffirmed its commitment to truth and its discovery, investigation, and dissemination following the constant emergence of unreliable data and materials. McCann stated that no one should be involved in activities that deliberately spread disinformation or misinformation. 

“For those who have access to social media, use your expertise to challenge disinformation, and where necessary, work together to take down websites that deliberately engage in it,” she said.

McCann also warned Sillimanians that all educational levels would be affected by the consequences of false information when new learning materials are made available.

Meanwhile, she announced the continuation of the series launched by Silliman Online University Learning last April 2, 2022, on fact-checking to combat misinformation, mal-information, and disinformation in social media. 

Headed by the Dr. Mariano C. Lao Innovation, Creation and Invention Technology Laboratory, the series’ first batch proceeded every Saturday with topics such as misinformation vs. disinformation, fact-checking on social media, deep fake technology and its impact on society, and sociology of information. 

The continuation of the series recently began last Oct. 1, discussing the topic of virtual classroom orientation and introduction. For each succeeding Saturday, the team assigned crucial topics like fact-checking processes, tools, and platforms to various speakers until Dec. 17, 2022. 

“Please be with us. In this drive, simply defending the values of truth, a healthy environment, and society’s well-being is no longer enough. We must advocate and advance peace values,” McCann concluded, encouraging Sillimanians and non-Sillimanians to join the initiative.

The All-University Academic Convocation occurred last Sept. 28 at the Claire Isabel McGill Luce Auditorium.


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