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Student Leaders: K-pop Fans in a Different Font

by Bogoshipda | October 28, 2023

Leaders—the people we turn to when times get tough, those that command the ordinary folk and herd the population. From the barangay sector to the national level, leaders are present in almost every inch of the globe. There are countless different types: presidents, mayors, and student leaders. In Samukan University, the campus is filled with heads galore. 

But what defines a student leader? 

Is it the drive? Is it the power? We stay hungry, we devour. Put in the work, put in the hours, and take what’s—Anyway, it’s not the passion or the ambition that sets them apart from the rest, it’s the K-pop stan behavior. 

There are six defining characteristics of youth heads, featuring the typical attributes of your student leaders:

  1. Talks Your Ears Off – As resident speakers in charge of representing a body, student leaders are some of the smoothest talkers you’ll ever have the chance of meeting…or the ones who chat the longest. Oppars and Unnies are to K-pop fans as orgs are to student leaders—the one topic that they can go on and on about for hours (Basta kung ga paka-paka siya og estorya kabahin sa eskol, tig-campaign jud dagway na siya).
  1. Sleep? What’s that? No Eyebags, No Position –  Streaming comebacks requires being awake at odd hours, and it truly makes you wonder if K-pop fans are human with how fast they rack up the view count on videos. In the same way, student leaders are sleep-deprived creatures who feed off of school work and student orgs. In fact, their bed is a stranger location to be in than their lair in the OH. Loyal will we be to Samukan! (Tulog, ano yarn?)
  1. School’s Sasaeng – Have you ever stalked your department’s officers on Facebook? Yes. We all have. Don’t even think about lying. 9 out of 10 times, their feed is a long list of reposts, announcements, and school-related things. Student leaders are married to their position, quite like your resident K-pop fanatics are to idols (Mas mu post pa og DP blast kaysa sa uyab, mura mag ang org ang true love ayieee). 
  1. Ror Ror – Your favorite K-pop group lost a nomination? Time to rant! Similarly, leading as a student comes with its fair share of stresses—ranting is a great way to let off steam and stave off burnout. Typically, these sessions go a little like “what the—[redacted]?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” You’re doing great sweeties! Let it all out!
  1. P.C. (Photocard) Havers? NO! Lanyard Hoarders – Although the iconic Samukan ID still ranks first place, student leaders tend to have unique slings hanging around their necks representing what they lead for. Red, Orange, Yellow… (Rainbow na gud, sharog dili pasudlon ni manong guard). 
  1. Slay – To qualify to lead student organizations, there is one test you must pass, you must slay. Your lingo must include “slay” and you must almost always look put-together. Whether student leaders don school shirts or dress up professionally, their outfits will always scream to onlookers that they mean business—much like the fashion-forward members of the K-pop stan community, replicating their idols’ styles. “You are giving J-Hope, Mic Drop era today”; “New Jeans who?”; “Sayaw sa—Antitititi Fragile…” (Bisag ga gubot na ang all, islay ra japn madamz). However, these student leaders also carry the duality to rock their pambalay fits in school. Idols have their certain aesthetics, and the Samukan student leaders also embody their own “all-out or tap-out” aesthetic on campus, giving fashion runway or lazy Sunday—no in between.

Although there are many kinds of them, student leaders tend to share these common characteristics: enthusiastic (tabian), hard-working (tulog is not layf), and loyal to the university (Loyal will we be to–). All jokes aside, they are the glue that hold together the student body and keep the chaos at bay, an essential pillar of campus life. 
So, the next time you take a walk ‘round the campus, don’t forget to keep your eyes peeled for anyone who fits those descriptions—you might just spot your friendly neighborhood student K-pop-stan leader.


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