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SU Jail proposal approved

By: Hina Amano | October 26, 2023

To house unresponsive and useless groupmates, the Board of Trust Issues (BOT) approved the proposal to construct a Samukan University (SU) Jail last Oct. 22.

According to Dr. Hey Jude Cleotoris, vice president for amacana accla, the students’ education has worsened due to their group mates. 

“We prioritize the education of our students, and how can they even learn if they are being burdened by these pabigat na [burdensome] group mates?” he said.  

When asked if the same treatment would be applied to teachers not good at educating, the VPAA only seened the message. 

Meanwhile, Pagdale D, principal designer and SU alumnus, expressed excitement for the building and immediately held a feast.

According to him, they will apply the Renaissance architecture design he created based on a prophecy he got from a dream.

“Who said a prison can’t be beautiful and functional simultaneously?” he said. 

However, other design team members expressed confusion about Pagdale as the principal designer.

“He has strong opinions, but that’s it,” said Gitourko Gilangaw, Department of Architecture Chairperson.

Prof. Jan Bilar Taninyo, vice president for daming ebas and ever abas, defended the decision, stating that the admin planned to do “something mind blowing this time.”

“Although the Department of Architecture spearheads all projects of my office, it’s always good to gather perspectives from different places,” she said.

On the other hand, several students have taken to social media to express their disapproval.

“This is honestly insensitive to students that are going through mental health challenges and can’t be consistent with their academics,” a sophomore from BS Psychology said on Facebook (FB).  

Another student from the same program commented, “Wow sigeg post2x active kaayo sa FB pero sa GC wala.



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