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A Guide to Midterms: Online Class Edition

By Angel Lea J. Regalado | March 9, 2021

The sweet reward of the Institutional Screen Break is at our fingertips, but we first have to deal with the dreaded week of midterms. Having shifted to online distance learning, we can’t have our usual group (or solo) study sessions in the SU Main Library, so we have to replicate these productive spaces at home. 

If you’re having trouble with studying for your midterms at home, here are some ways to kick-off this semester’s midterms week.

Plot out important dates in your schedule

In preparation for the upcoming midterms, it is important to know which exams and deadlines are on each day and when exactly they will happen. Once these important dates are plotted out, you can now prepare a study schedule where you give yourself time to study or work on certain tasks based on what’s most urgent and important. You can also schedule online study sessions with your classmates if you enjoy studying in groups. Preparing a schedule will help you anticipate future exams and deadlines that can help you avoid cramming and information overload.

Create a functional study area

A cluttered space equates to a cluttered mind, which is why it is important to create a space that is void of distractions and is functional for you and your study habits. Keeping your study space tidy helps you in focusing on your tasks at hand. Having your study essentials like your laptop, charger, pens, and notebooks at arm’s reach allows you to continue being productive without having to leave your study space every time you need something. It is important to remember that each student is different and our study spaces might not look the same, what’s important is that you create a space that is functional and ergonomic to you.

Be updated and prepare back-ups

One thing that we can learn from 2020 is that every day has something new in store for us, whether good or bad. Sudden changes such as postponement of exams, power outages, or internet service maintenance can cause changes in your schedule that will ultimately affect your performance in the midterms exams. It is important to prepare a back-up plan when these problems happen, such as having load for mobile data in the case of the lack of internet. It would also be helpful to have the contact numbers of your classmates and teachers so that you may inform them immediately if changes like these were to come up. Being able to adapt to change is a trait you need for midterms as each day can be full of surprises.

Get some rest and be gentle with yourself

One thing that has become regrettable in this generation is that students wear the number of all-nighters they have pulled like a gold medal around their neck. With this in mind, it is important to know that life isn’t a productivity contest and simply getting through each day should be our main priority, especially in a pandemic. Throughout the midterms week, it is best to remind yourself and the people around you to rest. Be gentle to yourselves. Online schooling is already a handful in itself. 

There’s no such thing as a perfectly executed midterms week, but there are things that make it easier and more manageable. Let the rest of the one-week screen break be your motivation and inspiration to get through this midterms week.


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