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CARNIVAL REVIEW: What Makes the People Ride ‘Til They Can’t No More

By Maria Fiona A. Labucuas | Feature Writer

Vol. XCI No. 11

Dec. 6, 2019

They’ve got the horses in the back, the horse tack is attached, and the operator presses the button at the booth starting the carousel. Screams of joy, enjoyment and even of fear echo throughout the area. Illuminated by bright lights and with the smell of fresh popcorn in the air, people from Dumaguete and neighboring towns and cities visit the carnival every year to have fun.

Christmas season isn’t the only thing the locals await towards the end of the year. The carnival is something that the people of Dumaguete and neighboring towns enjoy so much that it never fails to be packed every night, every year. What is with the carnival that makes a person ride ‘til they can’t no more?

Most people visit the carnival for the rides, although there are people who go for the carnival food or take advantage of the bright and colorful lights for photoshoots. Students also go to the carnival to have fun with their friends. Some go to the carnival with their significant others. Although the city is just beginning to fall into cold slumber, the hearts of the people get warmer and slowly fill with the spirit of joy.

This year, there are two separate carnivals in different locations in Dumaguete City. One carnival is located near Robinsons Place Dumaguete and the other is located at the Freedom Park. Both carnivals, although similar, differ in a way only people who have gone to both locations can recognize.

Carnival Near Robinsons Place Dumaguete 

The carnival near Robinsons Place Dumaguete has all the common rides most people enjoy. It has Ferris Wheel, the Carousel, the Octopus, and even the beloved Vikings swinging boat ride for the brave souls. Different parlor and betting games are also open for everyone to play. When a random visitor was asked why she preferred this carnival, she answered that it’s easier to go there after having dinner or watching a movie from Robinsons Place Dumaguete since it is located within walking distance.

Carnival at the Freedom Park

This carnival is almost completely similar to the former; they both have a Ferris Wheel, a Carousel, the Octopus ride, games and betting areas, the horror train, and the Vikings boat ride. What makes this carnival different, however, is that it has a bumper car ride attraction. Among the five people who have gone to both that were asked to choose which carnival they liked better, four answered that they liked the Freedom Park Carnival more.

Between the two, the Freedom Park Carnival is more crowded as it is located in an easily accessible area in Dumaguete City and is near four schools — Silliman University, Negros Oriental State University, Negros Oriental High School, and West City Elementary School.

Again and Again and Again

Both carnivals are different and similar at the same time. They may have differing rides, games and tastes in popcorn, but they have one goal — making people happy. Like moments, the carnival is fleeting. Soon, they will be keeping the equipment and clearing up the ground, and whether or not this carnival was better than the other would not matter. Like memories, the carnival will remain, although intangible, in our hearts and in our Facebook posts and Instagram stories until it comes again — next year.


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