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A psychedelic expectation

By Jeck Tirambulo, Features Editor

First Printed on Vol. XCI No. 1. July 30, 2019.

The clock is ticking and the calendar is flipping. In just a matter of weeks, students will soon go through the same cycle – the midterm exams. Taxing it will be. Despite the week-long preparations and self-assurance of readiness, students still can’t avoid scratching their cranium when faced with a sheet of bond paper bearing the Times New Romans in 12 and waiting for the tip of their pen to touch it. However, just like other things, pre and post-midterm stress just comes and goes. It will eventually be lost and not a faint of aftershock will be left when Hibalag comes.

Hibalag, of course, is a much-awaited 10-day event of gathering, meeting, and reuniting of Sillimanians around the globe. Packed with exemplary activities, Hibalag is one of the highlights of Silliman University’s Founders Celebration.

From the previous year’s summer-inspired theme, the Commission on School Organizations (COMSO) has tapped “Retro Psychedelic” as this year’s Hibalag theme. Psychedelic is associated with the powerful effects of some drugs illustrated as a manifestation of distorted vivid colours imbued into patterns and symbols when channeled into the arts. However, that’s just one aspect of it. When channeled as music, it makes use of distorted electric guitars and Indian inspired musical arrangements. Therefore, it is a challenge for the participating school organizations to integrate such theme and for the organizers to deliver the colorful retro-psychedelic experience and meet the expectations.

Retro psychedelic booths

Since every booth is a representation of different cultures, it is expected to see surreal and vibrant elements integrated into every booth design. This will be a challenge to competitive student organizations who are vying for the accolades that will be given on the last day of Hibalag.

Crowd of hippies

A crowd of hippies is what might be expected during Hibalag. Hippies are popular during the 1960s. They were described as unconventional in terms of appearance and practice; often confused as spiritual seekers and stereotyped as ganja lovers. However, they were the early adopters for “woke” culture. They don’t tolerate inequality and other forms of social injustices. How relevant.

Truly, this year’s theme raises curiosity among some Sillimanians. It’s something unusual and challenging. Often ignored and overlooked, themes are important avenues in relaying subtle messages. As for everyone who is excited for Hibalag, make the most out of it.



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