Monday, July 15, 2024

We’re Only Fighting Our Shadows


Column name: Amidst the Rey

Columnist: John Rey L. Villareal

Our country is riddled with problems. From social diversity to economic dysfunctions, we are filled with issues that must be addressed. We rely on the government to clean it all up for us, but the truth is, we all have a hand in doing the work. Everyone has a role in changing the country.

We blame everything on the politicians; we look at them as the only ones in charge of our country. When in fact, it is not them who hold power but us, as a people. We all have the power to change this country; leaders are only there to guide us to our goals. Understanding that we, as a people, have a common goal is the first step to change.

In our school projects, the leader is supposed to be there to lead the group, not do all the work. Alas, it never usually goes that way either too. We leave the leader incapacitated as the person is left to do most of the work while we sit down and watch. We might think it’s because the person knows what s/he is doing or s/he is better than us but truth is, we’re all on the same page.

While it’s true that the leader is responsible for the members, it is not right for the members to sit around and just wait for orders; initiative is key. We’re afraid of a shadow that will haunt us if ever we start doing the job or  the responsibility.

We, as people of the country, have the power to make the land prosperous. However, with that power comes responsibility. It is in our hands in which change can be for the better or for the worse. Yet, we’re so afraid of risking our nation’s stake that we leave it to the government to change it for us. In which, we will end up complaining if it doesn’t go smoothly. Taking the risk by helping out is the second step.

Changing a country cannot be done by a few heads and a huge budget. It is done with a lot of people with the will to succeed. You can’t expect a few men to light the way to success; it takes everyone to dissipate the harmless shadow we are up against.

What if we lose? What if we don’t succeed? Then, try again. A shadow is harmless unless you give it power over you. Responsibilities are nothing if we just see it as a way to guide us into doing better next time. Perseverance is needed for change to retain. This is the third step.

Being part of a group is not easy, much less being part of nation that needs help. We, as a people, are in charge of the outcome of our nation. This is but a project where we all have to work together in order for us to succeed. We should stop counting on one person to dissipate the many shadows that we have.~


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