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Back in the Game

by Lea Katrina Canizares | April 24, 2023

After two long years of waiting, the Silliman University community is finally back in the game. The annual intramurals event, which was put on hold due to the pandemic, has made a triumphant return, with students and faculty members eagerly joining in the fun.

    The atmosphere was electric. College teams geared for the one-week event to attain “bragging rights” as the university’s champion. The cheers and jeers of the audience added to the excitement, as the audience displayed their wittiest chants and game mascots. 

  Many students were excited to compete with their classmates once again, while sports and competition was a welcome relief. The break intramurals offered from academics made many students appreciate the value of having a balanced university life–one that entailed playing in the courts and not just learning in classrooms. 

      For a university that prides itself on sentimental moments on campus, the return of intramurals was certainly a much-needed sense of normalcy in an otherwise hectic time. As the pandemic disrupted many aspects of the student body’s campus life, this event was another way to revive the university’s sportsmanship, sense of community, and not to mention–humor.

      The funny banters among competing colleges was a welcome atmosphere. As per usual, pre-pandemic intramural photos trended on social media again. Perhaps one easily familiar to most is the “shift namo” banner. This year however, the humor was among mascots, cheer team banging on deformed metal basins, and suggestive college acronyms. 

But probably, this year’s champion for humor goes to those who battled the wittiest captions and contents on social media, attempting to update their respective college social media pages with comedic remarks rather than what was-supposed to be-game results. 

    As the event drew to a close, the participants and spectators alike were left with a feeling of fulfillment and satisfaction. It was a successful comeback for the university’s intramurals. One thing became certain–that the Silliman community is one that greatly enjoys the sense of unity and camaraderie through festivities such as the intramurals. Back in the game, as winners were announced, the community moved on. And we look forward to the surprises that await next year.


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