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Bestsellers of SU Farm

by Paul Ray G. Donaire | November 14, 2022

As an institution that advocates food security, programs and establishments under the Silliman University College of Agriculture (SUCOA) thrive on campus. SUCOA students and staff work hand-in-hand to produce quality agricultural goods that they are able to sell to the public.

Curious about SU Farm’s best produce? Rafael Nepomuceno, a faculty member and the acting farm manager at the college shared some of the five bestsellers at SU Farm:

  1. Eggs

Considered one of the staple foods, eggs make up the population’s diet. As eaten regularly—even daily, it is becoming a major supply in agricultural production. At SU Farm, a tray of 30 would cost around Php190-250 varying with the size of the eggs from small to jumbo. This product is mostly purchased by some students, local neighborhoods, and even foreigners. 

  1. Chicken

Rich in protein and with several ways to cook to your taste, chicken poultry is a huge investment in the agriculture business. The SU Farm delivers chicken products to some local business stalls in Dumaguete City. 

  1. Milk Products

The SU Farm keeps dairy cattle for milk production. Among the notable programs of the farm is the distribution of milk products for School-Based Feeding Program around the province of Negros Oriental in partnership with the Department of Education (DepEd). Aside from that, the SU Farm also supplies milk to hotels and shops, such as Don Roberto’s Bar & Restaurant for breads and pastries.  

  1. Vegetables

Garlic, Ginger, Green Chili, Onion, Potato, Silk Squash (Patola), and Tomato are some of the vegetables marketed at SU Farm. These are fresh and relatively cheaper compared to the ones sold in the public market. The farm also offers wholesale retail prices which attracts the businesses around the province. 

  1. Piglets

With the increasing quantity of pigs, the SU Farm is receiving a good demand in swine production. Nepomuceno quoted that during the pandemic, the farm was not able to continue its swine production due to strict border restrictions, but now that it has lifted, it is expected that by January the operation will resume as wide in public. 

Nepumuceno said that the SU Farm ensures not only the quality of agricultural production, but also its affordability in the market—a mission that is truly in the service of societal needs. 
In the Philippines, a country that mostly relies on its agricultural sector, it is important to highlight the importance of our farmers who feed the masses. Their work is no mere job, but a profession that requires years of experience. Beyond that, the vastness of opportunity in the field of agriculture is limitless. “The development [of] technology in agriculture is very fast, so there [are] really a lot of things in store for certain agriculturists,” Nepomuceno added.


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