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Defying Female Limits: A Movie Review on Enola Holmes II

by Keisiah Dawn Tiaoson | December 6, 2022

Women are not shadows of men. They are their own person, conquering any obstacles that come their way and winning their silent battles in life. They abide to no standard. Lend them a phrase, and they’ll pay with a book. Give them fuel, and they will take you to space. If Enola triumphed over the limitations they see on women, today’s girls can too.

“Enola Holmes II”, the sequel of the movie “Enola Holmes”—which focuses on Mr. Sherlock’s sister, Enola herself—is one of the movies that are sure to remind you of genuine friendship, romance, adventure, and above all, the courage to defy limitations established by society. 

Enola Holmes II attempts to mix today’s circumstances with history, physics, and creativity. The movie revolves around Enola yet again, who unravels the mysteries associated with the sudden disappearance of Sarah Chapman—a girl who works at a match factory. The case she handles is surprisingly connected with that of Sherlock’s and the dream of seeing these two minds work together is finally served on a sleuthing platter. 

Enola, however, is struggling to go beyond the dimensions built for women with the hope to establish a name for herself, and not just become Sherlock’s shadow. From here on, the way women are regarded as inferior compared to men is clearly visible in the spectra. Sherlock can easily wave his banner high, while Enola—despite being her brother’s equal in terms of analytical ability to solve mysteries—needs to try harder. This holds especially true in today’s society where women are often victims of gender inequality and discrimination, as reflected in many events that trace back to historical times. 

It is safe to say that even though Enola became so overly self-dependent to the point of denying the need for a comrade, she still is capable of determining end points and triumphing in her own battles. Enola made herself an example of how liberty unlocks equality. She fueled her days flying away from societal standards of women and stuck to her calling of being a lady of wit and sufficient courage. These illustrations from the movie are reminders of how women’s role in society has changed. Throughout time, women are able to gradually make major life decisions, become independent, and lead their own lives—so long as they are able to find their voice, break gender barriers, and fight for their rights. And this is a powerful message that the movie has shown to its audience.

Enola’s adventure, which is focused on building resistance to capitalism, finding Sarah, and being worthy of the Holmes’ name, also provided an unexpected glitter of transitioning friendship into romance. 

Ultimately, this is not just a movie of entertainment filled with captivating scenes and delightful twists that were given justice by the characters’ acting—but of curiosity, determination, and a reminder of the significance of women in social and political aspects. This movie reminds people that gigantic moral courage is a major constituent to bring out the will to finish strong. 


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