Monday, July 15, 2024

Wii care for you

AMONG THE CHANGES during the second semester is the imposition of Nintendo Wii in replacement of the annual university intramurals. It is then another commendable action from the SU administration that they now focus on the development of physical performance and competence of the students with the dynamic innovations of technology.
The decision gives the opportunity to the nerds and computer geniuses in the university in order for them to be finally noticed and so now, they have the chance to showcase hidden and absurd talents and skills. It also supports the statement of Vice-President for Academic Affairs Sexy Joy Tan to relieve the students from physical exhaustion and focus on the well-rounded hi-tech activities instead. The admin plans that the transition would place stereotyped personalities in the spotlight this time and would not stress the athletes since they can now be given the chance to experience the responsibilities outside the court and be assigned to different committees. (While they grow buy-on, which is actually trendy these days.)
The Weakly Sillymenien believes that the budget allocated for the intramurals which came from the surcharges would diverge into students engaging in a more techy way of living through launching this game. The amount also that they get from the students will be justified, at least.
It feels very touching to know that the Head of the SU Athletics Department, Meriam Macho, is very concerned of students regarding the effect of skin cancer due to the worsening climate change since intrams are held outdoors.
Once again, we believe that a true Sillymanian is flexible enough to handle the changes and cope up with the innovations implemented. This would be for the betterment of everyone whether they sporty or not. The transition would become a good exposure provided by the school to the students and everybody would become protected from all the harmful rays and promote healthy and fabulous skin.



NB: this editorial article is part of the lampoon issue


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