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SU needs more empowered students

The Weekly Sillimanian | February 24, 2024

In the rich pages of Philippine history lies a defining moment: the EDSA People Power Revolution. It encapsulates the unwavering spirit of Filipinos who, fueled by justice, rose against the oppressive regime of former Philippine President Ferdinand Marcos Sr. As we commemorate this pivotal event, let it serve as a beacon of inspiration for Sillimanians.

The echoes of EDSA resonate beyond historical archives; they beckon us to reflect on our responsibilities in the present. Sillimanians, much like the heroes of EDSA, must recognize the potency of collective action. The fight for rights and privileges should not rest solely on the shoulders of student leaders; every student is a stakeholder in this pursuit.

Knowledge is the cornerstone of empowerment. Students must equip themselves not only with the awareness of their rights but also with the wisdom to discern the battles we must fight. The power to effect change lies not just in following the bandwagon, but in critically analyzing situations, thinking before acting, and being informed advocates.

Apathy has no place in a community striving for progress. We implore students to transcend indifference, engaging actively in university events and discussions. The path to change begins at Silliman University; it is within our hallowed halls that we hone the skills of leadership and advocacy.

Silliman University is known as a university that offers quality education. Numerous professionals and experts become products and agents of quality education within the walls of the university. However, when Sillimanians neglect this privilege and silence themselves amid the need for the collective effort to change, the very essence of quality education becomes a mere bragging right. 

As we champion our rights, let us be mindful of the lessons of EDSA: change is achievable through the right process and initiative. The transformation we seek starts within ourselves. To become the pioneers of our destiny, we must foster an informed and critical studentry.

In navigating the complexities of our world, remember: you are the power. By contributing to the discourse, engaging in informed action, and championing the rights of your fellow students, you embody the spirit of EDSA on a microcosmic scale.

Let our rallying cry be a resounding “No to student apathy!” Embrace the responsibility to shape the future, starting with our university. Before we criticize national and international governments, let us first practice the art of change within the confines of our academic home.

In commemorating EDSA, let us not just remember; let us embody its spirit. Sillimanians, armed with knowledge and wisdom, have the potential to be true true advocates for change. The revolution begins with us, within the walls of Silliman—empowered, informed, and united.


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