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Less is More

editorial dec 12

Many of our fellowmen have undergone very tragic events within a short period of time. The most recent one involving supertyphoon Yolanda has been the most devastating and therefore, entails a longer recovery period for the victims and
in terms of the infrastructure destroyed during its onslaught.
Silliman University has pledged to provide relief operations in the affected areas and aid to students who were indirectly affected by the calamity. In a matter of days, we will be marking a month since Yolanda struck the country and changed the lives of so many people, the very people who, until now, are in need of immediate help and empathy.
It is a no-brainer to say that much has yet to be done for the survivors to regain a sense of normalcy in their lives especially now that Christmas is fast approaching. Their celebrations will not be the same for a very long time after the horrific series of events they have undergone.
Being Sillimanians who uphold Christian values, we should do whatever we can to be one with those whose plight is difficult.
As was announced, we have the freedom to create our own schemes to save on our consumption of electricity and other resources. This can prove to be a bit hard as we have been used to being extravagant in our ways, but let us think of this as a means for us to not only show our solidarity with our brothers and sisters but also as a sustainable solution to large-scale problems like global warming and scarcity of material resources. We would be hitting two birds with one stone if we practice self-discipline and frugality in everything we do.
Having to spend less money would also discourage students from being apathetic as they will be inspired to make the most of what they currently have and value things which are often overshadowed by cash. Just as simple as giving one’s time for meaningful school-related events or non-profit organizations can make a difference in other people’s lives.
The list of things we can do to save on our precious resources is never ending. All we have to do is take that single step to get started. It is possible for every student to have less and do more. And as for the SU Administration, the Weekly Sillimanian hopes that it would truly do its part in delivering relief services to those affected by calamities and improve students facilities as it aims to do.



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