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Humanity or Practicability?

By John Macklien A. Olandag | Bangiitang Pluma

Vol. XCI No. 15

Jan. 24, 2020

Nature declared a danger close to Batangas when one of her most beautiful landscapes, the Taal Volcano, after years of inactivity, erupted placing the province in Alert Level 4, a call for everyone to expect the worst and evacuate their homes to spare them from the dangers brought by the eruption. People especially residents of the volcano’s radius are given utmost importance for evacuation but many took the matter on the other side to raise another question: What about the animals that gave shape to the beauty of its surroundings? Will we let them perish or we can also provide even a modest way for them to be spared from the spews of lavas and ashes? 

Atom Araullo, one of the Philippines’ renowned journalists, said that human lives are more important practical-wise, but he felt pity for the animals especially that they also breathe life like us humans. It’s the humans who know and fear the imminent danger, and with that matter, they should receive a more considerable option of a rescue. They are the ones who have the rational awareness of the danger that helps everyone to take appropriate measures to take, even rescuing these animals, who are innocent enough to know that the nature they are thriving in will take them back in their soil.

Considering also our available resources and equipment for the relief, it is of great priority for residents themselves to be rescued. The ones who can carry their flocks or pets in their arms can carry them to safety. It is of great pity seeing animals unknowingly waiting for death but it is more painful for us seeing people counting moments knowing that they are on the doorsteps of death. Normally, we always opt our loved ones and fellowmen to be spared over our own livestock or pets.

Let us take a considerable approach if we do take animals as our priority. We see these animals thrive adding beauty and diversity to the environment we live in. We even consider them a part of our family, particularly our pets. Their waggles keep us alive and they also show the very essence of loyalty in love. But if we assume disaster happens and the pet’s owners perished, who will be left for it to be taken care of? It will end up wandering until it can either be lucky enough to be found or be lost in the dust forever.

Additionally, our livestock supports us also especially economically. Leaving them to perish is something that waste can showcase, and everything becomes a journey back to square one before sweats dripped just to tame or breed these animals for a better living. But humans who get another opportunity to live can do it somehow and just be grateful that they still live enough to get the very chance to start all over again, which unnecessary death can hinder.

Reversing the scenario, humans can always bring their beloved pets along with them, or in the worst case, especially in panicking situations, leave them to soon face the specks of dust, or lava enveloping them. The humans may mourn or be at their remorse especially if they truly love their pets, but they have also released their pets from suffering from a disaster they didn’t see coming in them.

The question is between humanity or practicability, but in a sense of the word, humanity is best practiced as humans begot empathy to their fellow humans, and practicability always stays in its constant definition, that the very least of what we’ll do is something that helps everyone at least in the modest way. We have humanity more if we learn to also extend our help to animals, but in the event of disasters, when we learn to stand together hand in hand with fellow humans and sacrifice our very own comfort and joy, especially keeping our own source for them, the humanity becomes a thing far greater than what the ashes can reach. 

Human lives are more important for it is through their very human personality that enables everything to rise again through the ashes. Though the most innocent assets of nature may perish, it is up to humans to make everything beautiful again.


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