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Keep the spirit of sportsmanship alive!

By Deogracia William A. Bemida | News Editor

Vol. XCI No. 11

Dec. 6, 2019

Being an athlete requires a lot of hard work. Sometimes, one must sacrifice their time and effort to pursue the path of greatness. An athlete may grow in a span of time or maybe longer than the expected period of time, it depends on one’s capacity and willingness to grow. It may take days, months or years, as long as there’s passion for the chosen field of sport, with that being said, no matter what challenges may pose nothing can stop a tenacious athlete. 

Competitions were made to let the people show their talents and skills, thus, everybody competes for the purpose of winning. However, the quantity of wins does not matter. Truth is, someone will always be better than you, and people are aware of this concept. There are circumstances wherein athletes lose the game, and that’s normal for competitions.

Depending on the results, acceptance is the most valuable key that can lead into future success. Accepting a decision wholeheartedly makes it easier for someone to get rid of negative emotions and a big step for moving on. One can get rid of burden, but the memories from the experience of playing will stay behind. If you lose, you cannot change the past, better accept it and make it as an inspiration for development.

Attitude will always be the main factor for success. In crucial times, athletes should gain  control of their emotions and actions. Developing the sense of sportsmanship allows an individual to treat others with courtesy and respect the flow of the game. Good sportsmanship is greatly needed in the field of sports as it determines how good the game is played and it helps in developing healthy relationship with partners and opponents. 

A player who developed the value of sportsmanship is a true sportsman whilst a player who doesn’t accept his/her defeat is the true loser. Famous athletes both from past and present learned from their previous experiences how sportsmanship works. Being sport does not revolve in the aspect of accepting one’s defeat, it also involves the actions done during the game. 

When playing, athletes must consider fairness and avoid dirty tactics. A sportsman never cheats for the purpose of winning, doing foolish action means risking dignity, also it can affect one’s athletic career as reputations get tainted. Athletes who deceive others are not worthy to be recognize and deserves to be banned from games. Playing sports includes the conformity of the prescribed rules to avoid possible conflicts and confusion and entrusting the decision to the person in charge.To accomplish a good game, athletes must respect their co-players, opponents, coaches, and umpires.

Sports may be a way of entertainment, but people especially athletes can learn moral lessons from the sports. A person engulfed by sportsmanship incorporates the values he/she have learned in life.  In the events of victory, a person acknowledges the efforts of others and does not downgrade the opponent. A sportsman is cheerful, encourages others to work for what they aim and possesses a self discipline.

Win or lose, never forget to play with enjoyment. Keep the spirit of sportsmanship alive so that everybody can play in harmony.


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