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Showbiz Drama of the century: why we love the Bea-Gerald-Julia issue

By Shareen Anjali B. Warad | News Writer

Vol. XCI No. 3 — Aug. 14, 2019

Filipinos are naturally drawn to dramas, whether it may be a Television drama, a neighborhood drama, or a showbiz drama, we are all up for the tea. Recently, an issue between Bea Alonzo, Gerald Anderson and Julia Barretto surfaced on our social media platforms, people were taking sides on whether which team they were siding on, #TeamBea or #TeamJulia. Everybody was too busy pitting the two women against each other that they forgot who the real culprit is in this situation – Gerald Anderson. Ah, the notorious playboy in the industry who was the reason a lot of women being pitted against each other. Although, Bea Alonzo should’ve known better – the guy cheated on Kim Chiu with her! How you got the man is how you lose him, gurl.

Why do we love this issue that is obviously irrelevant for the Philippines’ actual problems? Well again, Filipinos are so in love with dramas that we badly want to involve ourselves in the tsismis; we are all up for the conflict. With this hunger for dramas, most Filipinos are into TV series with the same plots and clichés – a man cheating on his wife with his wife’s best friend or whoever, and having this plot happen in real life somehow ignited the hidden excitement we have for dramas or conflicts. So when Bea started liking photos of Julia and Gerald together in a party and in a beach resort, and when she posted a pitch black photo on Instagram with a caption about not making the same mistakes twice, people were quick to acknowledge that there is definitely something going on between Julia and Gerald.

Of course, the Barretto sisters Claudine and Gretchen consoled her instead of their niece, sparking more interest to the netizens. It was the drama everybody was waiting for. It is yet the showbiz drama of the decade.

After Bea announced that she was ghosted and was not given a formal break up by Gerald, #TeamBea, which consists of Paulo Avelino, Angel Locsin, Angelica Panganiban, and more, posted on their social media accounts shades directly thrown at Gerald, it was also at this time that Gerald formally announced that he was indeed courting Julia Barretto. Oh my God there is so much happening, can we just not care about these people? We can’t, we love issues.

Anyway, the issue died down a bit for a week until Julia Barretto posted a message (which was irony in all aspect) addressed to Bea Alonzo, really gurl you shouldn’t have, about the actress’ downright bullying her through liking non-malicious photos. Julia’s post, yet again, added more fuel to the dead fire which made netizens side and bash Julia and Bea. I am saddened honestly, that instead of pointing out Gerald’s mistakes, which by the way have been going on for more than a decade, they chose to pit these two women against each other. What I’ve noticed about humans is that we enjoy seeing two women fight for a guy just to see who gets the guy in the end. Which is a huge NO-NO. Empower women, like what Julia said which she didn’t even apply to herself, stop pitting them against one another.

Finally, the one sentence that raised eyebrows and sarcastic remarks was when Julia said “I refuse to be your victim” to Bea Alonzo. Although Julia, dear, it would best fit if you said this to Gerald instead. Nonetheless, thank you for feeding our hungry souls with the drama you guys made. We’re full and ready to have some more.


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