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Do we really know the world we are living in?

By Mel John Bejar

Back then, as young kids with innocent minds, we had our fair share of lessons
on the structure of the earth; crust, upper and lower mantles, outer and
inner core. All that usual stuff we read, see and hear in books, television and
schools. The ‘official’ stuff. But people have their questions: Is that all there is
to it, plain old mantles, solid earth, with definite layers and a central core being
the center of gravity? Is earth really a solid sphere? Or according to ancient
myths, legends and Admiral Byrd, is it hollow inside, with entrances at the
north and south poles and inhabitants living within it?
As discussed in the book, The Hollow Earth, authored by the late Dr.
Raymond Bernard, the earth is not a solid sphere as generally supposed,
but rather has a hollow interior which connects to the surface by the two
polar openings and other passageways found on the surface of the earth.
It is also said to be home to a highly advanced civilization living peacefully
within the interior, however, since nuclear activities had been mounted
over the decades, beginning on the 1945 Hiroshima atomic explosion,
they rose again to the surface to which they traveled with their “vimanas”
or flying saucers. It is also relatively feasible since UFO sightings had been
numerous on locations nearer to the poles than on any other region. Are
these flying discs of terrestrial origin, coming from the technologically
advanced race dwelling within the interior of our planet? Rear Admiral Richard Byrd of the U.S Navy was renowned to have ventured into the concavities of the earth’s polar depression and into the boundaries of the hollow earth. Through which he relayed his observation through radio and kept a log record and diary of the whole event on that flight of February 19, 1947.

There he claimed to have seen (after miles of thick ice and snow) mountain ranges, forests, vegetation, lakes, rivers and strange animals. The inner earth, as Eskimo legends tell, is a subtropical land of perpetual light where there is no darkness (there is an inner sun inside, which is the catalyst in the formation of the hollow earth through centrifugal force phenomenon). “The Land of Everlasting Mystery”
Admiral Byrd wrote. I would do well in writing out the details and particulars however I cannot do so in such limited format. Perchance, I may leave it to you to
grasp more on this if it interests you. It is quite absurd to present such far-fetched ideas on a college weekly paper, perhaps it is a good time for us to open up our minds to things that are uniquely possible or simply just an escape route to all things blunt and boring; a balm to the confines of normality. Then again, when I arise every morning and look up to the heavens . . . when my thoughts are
echoed by the atmospheric illusion, I look down. I see trees, the sea, the
ground and chickens. I see the earth and I ask: Do we really know the world
we are living in?


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