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The Antagonized: God, Punch the King

Here in the Antagonized, I will criticize certain personalities based on criticisms from their opponents, from interest groups, and from media commentaries. In its first installment, “God, Punch the King”, I will dig deeper in Manny Pacquiao’s movements in Philippine politics, searching for the cringe-worthy, frightening, and infuriating facts as enlightenment to the blind public.

Ranking seventh in the Senatorial race and garnering 16 million votes, the frequent absentee representative from Sarangani was assured of a seat in the Senate, the best place to prepare for presidency. He was known as “the pacman”, for he eats away all the enemies on his way to victory and so his attendance in Congress.

He used hard-earned money to help the poor. Becoming an inspiration to the underprivileged, the nation adored him. With the desire to help the nation, the great philanthropist—also a singer and host—ventured his way to Congress where he made a mark to the people of the Philippines: charity can make people forget about his absenteeism.

Truly, our senator from Sarangani is one of a kind. He who already reached the peak but still aimed for something higher, even higher than the capacity of his brain to comprehend. Truer than true, his bills never saw the light of day, focusing on boxing and sports. Legislation is not an easy job, and our multi-awarded boxing champ didn’t survive the first hurdle of a legislator. Perhaps his title as “the destroyer” didn’t work in Congress.

Political Scientist Amado Mendoza said, “War is war, it just takes on different forms. Politics is war, boxing is war. It is easy to shift…from one form of warfare to another form of warfare.”

Ass-kissing just went to another level. Failing to realize the difference between politics and boxing, our senator from Sarangani was encouraged by people to venture undiscovered waters with sticks and stones as weapons.

They’ve been generous to people, but votes need action. Votes need legislation. Votes need laws, not anti-LGBT comments. The animal within him criticizes the humanity of homosexuals. He who claims to be a renewed man after leaving the hated Catholic Church and a good memorizer of bible verses, said the unthinkable. He said the words of corruption from a faith that dictates a person’s thinking. Animals were they. They were as gay as the monkeys in Manila Zoo and as queer as the dolphins of Manila Ocean Park.

He was knocked-out in the very same arena that he shouldn’t have ventured in. The boxer appealed for human forgiveness. But his statement was said with conviction and sincerity. He looked like he meant what he said. Animals were they, and so was he, a political animal lacking legislative power, guilty of using the title “senator” for keepsakes.

And the great boxer of the Philippine islands, winning a Senate seat, planned to leave the Senate for boxing, the only career that supports his wife’s luxury. How funny for him to deny an “obvious” allegation? He tried to dodge the bullet, but it looked like he punched it. Saying that politics is his vocation, the silly senator said, “If ever I decide to fight again, rest assured, it will happen when Congress is on recess so there’s no need for me to go on leave.”

Take the hint. He stressed that he will try his best to attend sessions while on training camp. Tell me when to laugh, but Senator Absentee is indeed considering this move. Let’s just hope that every push-up and every punch, a senate bill is born.

With him as senator, “I’ll do my best. I owe it to the people.” But, he did owe the votes when he ran as congressman. How come his realizing this now? Had it never crossed his mind when Mayweather punched him on the face? Face the evils. He can never serve two masters. He can juggle politics and boxing as long as he wants, but the country needs loyalty. Boxing or politics? Punch bags or punch laws? Win belts or win votes? He should choose one. We need a working senator, not a senator working as a boxer.

*with notes from philstar.com and rappler.com


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