Tuesday, July 23, 2024

The Genesis Week

We can’t deny the fact that our school year is off to a rocky start. With the implementation of the K-12 system in full flow and the adjustment of our respective colleges without freshmen enrollees, this school year has proven to be quite difficult in terms of unity.

We also can’t deny the negative comments expressed by  fellow students about the Genesis Week last June. Most of them emphasized on the lack of proper information dissemination around the campus. There were little-to-no posters about the upcoming events, and a majority of the students said that they did not feel the Genesis “spirit”. Yes, there were videos and helpful infographics about the events shared around social media. And yet, only a small number of students turned up.

During the third day of the Genesis Week, a friend bugged me about joining a certain quiz bowl held inside the campus. Questions ran through my mind as I hesitated. Where is this being held? What time? What is the quiz bowl about? Why are there no details about it? I quickly refused because I had a class. Had I known earlier, I would have given the teacher a notice that I was going to join the quiz.

The one major problem I could only see is the lack of unity. Fewer students are getting involved in activities meant for them. This might be a problem of apathy; but really, they just don’t know the details of future events.

This might have been a recurring problem, but it is only this year that we could visibly see the mishaps.

While watching the modern dance competition, I heard two students loudly discussing about the mediocrity of the party. My heart sank. Yes, students are entitled to their own opinions, and we should respect that. However, we should also recognize the efforts of our student leaders because they worked hard to make it possible. We tend to neglect these efforts because of the glitches seen or observed. We tend to oversee that because of the situation that was presented in front of us.

But all I’m asking from the student government is to disseminate your information properly. You have people willing to help you. Use them to do the work for you. No matter how little the work is, leave it to them.

This does not only apply to our student government leaders. This also serves as a reminder to the various student organizations on campus which are struggling to unite their members. If you do not act now, this will leave a lasting impression on the students that you can’t do your job.

This is only the start, and we can still make this school year a success. Let’s work together for a united school year.


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