Tuesday, July 23, 2024

The Voices Behind the Shadows

Column Name: The Mysterious Mask

Columnist: Shane Marie K. Canono

Fear can be dangerous. Every day, we get inside the campus, there is always something we see that we just keep to ourselves. Sometimes, even when we know it is something that has to be addressed to authorities. We don’t speak because we are afraid our voice won’t be heard. But that is a BIG mistake. Each of us has an “instinct” to do the right thing. We often see students cheating during midterms and finals, yet we don’t tell the teacher. Somebody knows that the finance officer has been stealing the students ‘money, but the person just kept silent. There are many ways fear can destroy not just a person, but the entire community. That is why we should learn how to speak out to those we need to.

Leaders are elected to help voice out the concerns and troubles of the people, especially in school, where students have a lot of concerns in mind. They are not just there for us to idolize. Apparently, relying too much on them can be detrimental. We become passive and then we pass all responsibilities on them. Sometimes, have to remind ourselves that they are not robots. They couldn’t do everything each person wanted them to do. So if we won’t cooperate, then it’s less possible to make steps forward.  Remember how we used to nag when the flow of lineup is too slow? That’s how the development would go if we keep thinking that way. We must do our part, and leaders also have to do their best.

In his article from Forbes, Mike Myatt said,”Great leaders are great listeners.” His advice to all leaders is to talk less and listen more. A true leader knows that gaining knowledge and wisdom does not come from talking, but from listening to others. I believe when someone has an authority, like the student government, listening to the subordinates is one strategy to improve the campus life. By hearing other opinions, the leader would gain some insights and suggestions on how to manage the society. Like a president, it’s a good thing to make yourself approachable, because as what’s been said in campaigns, you are the voice of the students.

So with the rise of advanced technology and social media sites, connecting to other people has made a lot easier.  But it’s sad to say that despite that, many people still choose to remain silent. For them, it may be much convenient to not say a word and it’s better to let things pass. Maybe the wrong things they’ve seen will just fade away, but that’s where they are completely wrong. Issues should be solved right away before it sparks and burst into flames.

Let’s stop putting ourselves behind the shadows. As what my everyday motto says, “Your desire to change must be greater than your desire to stay the same.”  Make it happen. Let them hear our voice.~








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