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Paris, World Media, and Selective Mourning

Eric Gerard D. Ruiz

Gary opened his Facebook account to check on updates. While scanning, he saw Garret’s new profile picture with a French flag overlay. Knowing about the recent terrorist attack on Paris, Gary was a little uninformed of the ISIS’ attacks in other countries. He didn’t know that there were attacks in Lebanon, Syria etc. Still, Gary changed his profile picture to sympathize with  France. Gerald, Gary’s friend, posted negative views about the famous profile picture filter. His posts mentioned points on the hypocritical sympathy to France and special media coverage. Gary saw articles and columns opposing Facebook’s French flag filter option. Many questioned why the Syrian and Lebanese flag filter option were not present when these countries were attacked. Some people also pointed out why the media never reported bombing attacks in Syria and Lebanon. Due to a much heated argument, the Paris terrorist attack was not subject for selective grief, racism, and special media coverage.

On Selective Grief and Racism

Many viewed that people on social media committed selective grief and racism. A lot changed their profile pictures with the French flag filter option. Netizens used the hashtag #PrayForParis to sympathize with the French. However, a lot of people questioned the sudden grief and attention that France got from other countries. The problem with some people today is that they would not proceed to the next step. They just keep on arguing about the issue without thinking of a solution. It is like drinking coffee. Drink it while it’s hot. So, let’s not wait for the coffee to become cold before we come up with a solution. To argue about selective grief and racism is not worth our time. Let’s think of how the Paris attack made an impact to the world and its leaders. Many have become aware of ISIS’ power, and how it can threaten what little peace left in this world. World leaders assured full support to France due to the Paris attack. Obama agreed to expand intelligence-sharing with France as posted on the website of Wall Street Journal entitled “World Leaders Pledge Strong Response to Paris Attacks.” Putin encouraged everyone to unite for efforts against terrorism. European nations agreed to toughen borders to secure safety. Thus, the Paris attack created awareness and prevention to other nations. It is not only about sympathy, but unity in times of war.

Now, to turn tables, what was your profile picture when Syria or Lebanon was attacked? Did you place a Syrian or a Lebanese flag in your picture? Where was the hashtag “Pray for Syria” when they were bombed? Did you even bother posting stuff about Syria before the Paris attack?

On Special Media Coverage

Many hypocrite netizens criticized the unfair media coverage of Paris. They clamored why stories about Paris are flooding their newsfeed while stories about Syria or Lebanon barely reach them. A lot of people also said that the media “ignored” the other countries terrorized by ISIS long before the Paris attack. Well, here’s a Christmas gift for all hypocrites. If you have spare time, try searching Google News, CNN or any other news app on Google Play or App Store. Try to search about “ISIS Bombings 2015.” You’ll find pages of stories about bombings in Syria, Lebanon, and the rest of the Middle East. A journalist is a writer, not a waiter. Journalists write news for the people. They don’t deliver news to the people. The news is printed on papers or posted online for people to access and read.

The problem of some people is that they are not open-minded. They like to see things that will make them look smart. Hypocrites, they are indeed. They propose “stolen ideas” from credible sources to prove that the Paris attack created selective grief, racism, and special media coverage. It gave the world a warning of ISIS’ power. France is a developed country, but was infiltrated by ISIS. The message of this attack is already implied. It is not about selective grief or racism. But it tries to tell us that we should be prepared and be properly informed of the events happening around us.



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