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Confessions of a dormer

Anonymous Acacia

Life away from home sucks. It sucks big time. It sucks on so many levels. Why did I choose to study away from home? Why did I have to bother trying to adapt to things I didn’t need to? Why am I suffering like this? The odds aren’t in my favor right now. And no, I’m not a Hunger Games fan. I just placed that reference in, so it would make me sound more hip. Ha, like that would help my dorm problems.
People don’t know this, but wedormers have a LOT of problems. Problems we don’t like to share with our friends; problems that are too embarrassing to tell; problems that we choose to forget because they’re not pleasant memories. If you fancy knowing what these problems are and don’t have too many problems breathing down your neck right now, then please do read this rant and confession. But if you do have school work, stop reading this at the end of this sentence and go ahead and make your parents proud. It’s the least you could do. Going back, life away from home sucks and is too difficult to bear.
Here’s some reasons why.
Sometimes we get sick. We’re human and we aren’t immune to the minor cough and colds that life presents on a silver platter. And sometimes the simple Biogesic and Fern-c are not just within arm’s reach. And sometimes your roommates won’t care about you sneezing or coughing to death. Either that or they can’t pretty much help you with that. It is so unlike home where your mom feeds you to death with medicine and you get to be fine the next day; where she caters to your every need until you can breathe properly again. Ah, home.
Sometimes we run out of stuff. You know those moments when you’re all ready to take a bath? And then when you’re inside your cubicle, all comfy and ready to clean the senses out of your dirty armpits, you realize that you’re out of soap. And then you spot in a corner a soap that seems to have been laying in rest there for about three days, and you have no choice but to use it like it was one of your own. I don’t know if that made things any cleaner, but sometimes you’re left with choices that you don’t like, but then you have to deal with it and move on. Shameful.
Sometimes there isn’t any more dorm food. As much as we’d like to complain that dorm food is not the very best out there (it has improved in the past year though; kudos to the SU Café!), we are oftentimes left with no other choice. We find ourselves low on fuel (no money) and we don’t have the necessities of Gabby’s or Jollibee or even Connie’s. But sometimes we run absolutely out of dorm food and money that we’re forced to sleep with a growling stomach and wait for the next day’s serving. It’s difficult, but I’ve lived with it.
But it’s extremely ironic, how sometimes, every whine and misery will always be worth it in the end. Hey, your roommates won’t be able to help you with your sickness, but they know how to cheer you up with their lame jokes that have found itself funny to you and sharing of stories that are uninteresting but always worth a laugh. You may sometimes run out of stuff, but your roommates’ stash of Tender Cares are always within arm’s reach. I’m sure they won’t mind; just tell them you’re out. And so what if you sleep with a growling stomach; at least you have two to six other people you share that suffering with.
So that’s why I chose to study away from home. To get good education that Silliman gives to its students. And to share to my kids in the future that it did not go so well for me and later on tell them that’s the reason why I grew up and matured. That’s the reason why I became independent.That’s the reason why I knew how to make the right choices. That’s the reason I knew how to adapt with different personalities. It’s because of dorm life. I take everything back. Life away from home rules.


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